Cedral cladding is fire-resistant

Your home has an important function: to protect you, your family and friends. An unpleasant subject perhaps, but the risk of fire is always lurking. It is good to know that Cedral weatherboards are made of fibre cement, which is a fire-resistant material.

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Fire-resistance rating A2-s1, d0

Cedral sidings are weatherboards made of fibre cement with an excellent fire-resistance rating of A2-s1, d0. This means they are non-flammable, so in the event of a fire they will barely generate any smoke and will not spread fire. This makes Cedral sidings a reliable choice for any builder or renovator concerned with having a safe home.

A brief explanation of fire-resistance rating A2-s1, d0:

  • The first value represents the flammability of the material, A2 = non-flammable product.
  • The s-value pertains to smoke development in the event of fire, s1 = barely any smoke.
  • Drop formation (burning drops) is indicated by the d-value, d0 = no drop formation.
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What about wooden and synthetic cladding?

When it comes to cladding, fibre cement is not your only option. However, none of the alternatives are as fire-resistant. We all know that wood burns, most wood types such as MDF and multiplex perform in accordance with fire-resistance rating D. Synthetic material is graded with fire-resistance rating E which means it will not withstand fire for more than a short period of time.

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